What we do?

Calf nutrition

Bell-Booth Ltd design and manufacture the Queen of Calves™ calf nutrition program. 'Queen of Calves' is made from marine and land plant extracts, with beneficial bacterium, essential amino acids and vitamins. It is designed to be added to milk and offered to calves from day 2 to weaning. It creates a stronger curd and slows milk transit through the intestinal tract. The calf develops lean growth and better udder tissue….creating a better-performing cow.

For more information on the Queen of Calves Nutrition Program visit www.queenofcalves.com or talk to your local rep on 0800 80 90 92.

Water medication

Bell-Booth Limited pioneered the use of Dosatron™ in-line proportional injection to water-medicate dairy cattle in New Zealand. The 'Dosatron System' has revolutionized the New Zealand dairy industry by doing away with manual drenching. With over 54% of New Zealand dairy farmers relying on our unique system to provide their dairy cows with daily trace element & mineral supplementation, bloat control and ‘Nutrimol Classic’, these farmers have reduced labour costs, and completely removed the requirement for manual drenching. Bell-Booth Limited have a range of individual trace elements under the IntenSE brand, especially for use in 'Dosatron'.

Automated calf feeding systems

We are the exclusive New Zealand distributors for Holm & Laue Automated Calf Feeding systems. A four-station feeder Holm & Laue system can feed 150 calves the correct volume of milk and Queen of Calves and X-Factor, at the perfect temperature, throughout the day and night. And it cleans itself, twice in 24 hours.