Queen of Calves scales competition

Congratulations to Heather Brown on winning the 2017 Queen of Calves spring promo, Win a set of latest-generation Gallagher weighscales.

Beginning with a trial mob in 2003, Heather has raised her herd-replacements on the Queen of Calves program for 11 years.

With horrid payout conditions in 2009, Heather made a cost-cutting decision to, delete Queen of Calves from the calf-rearing program for 2009 and 2010 years, and raise them on a conventional diet. But around about Christmas of 2010 when she had observed the 2009 yearlings and 2010 weaned-calves, she made the decision to “never raise another calf again, without Queen of Calves.”

Heather has stuck to her pledge and raised them all on our program since 2011. She says “This year’s calves are amazing. I’ve already weaned 100 of the 130 raised, with the remaining 30 to be weaned next week,” (last week October 2017). “The thing about Queen of Calves is, not only do they make rapid, early growth, they do not undergo a weaning check. They just keep on growing. They are just so much better developed.”


Heather Brown with Alice (calf rearer)