IntenSE Organic Copper



intense-organic-copperCopper is an essential mineral required for the formation of 10 vital enzymes: body, bone, pigmentation and nervous system functions. Insufficient copper levels can affect reproduction and growth rates. At last, we are able to provide the certified organic farmer with a highly effective BioGro-registered copper product, designed for easy oral application via inline water medication, or manual drench gun.

Dose rate
Cattle: 2-4 ml/cow/day (based on a 500 kg animal).
Deer: 0.5ml-1ml/head/day

Pasture Spraying
IntenSE Copper can also be pasture sprayed at 2-3 litres/ha depending on copper status. Apply to 1?3 - 1?2 of the required area. Application one week after grazing gives best results. Apply on it’s own.

Caution/copper status in sheep
In regard to sheep, copper status in the liver may be quite variable. There is a risk of copper poisoning, resulting in death, following copper supplementation, in some instances. Care should be taken if exposing sheep to copper-treated pasture.

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