IntenSE Organic Iodine



intense-organic-iodineWithout the presence of iodine, the thyroid gland will not function in producing the hormones required for development of the central nervous system. Iodine deficiency can cause stillbirth and abortion. Don't risk it. At last, we are able to provide the certified organic farmer with a highly effective BioGro-registered iodine product, designed for easy oral application via inline water medication, or manual drench gun.

Dose Rate
Cattle: 0.5 – 1ml/cow /day.

Dose 0.5ml/cow/day during the season, when a deficiency has been confirmed and especially important to supplement animals when grazing brassica crops.

Dose 1ml/cow/day 30 days prior to the planned start day of mating and continue through until the end of mating.

Sheep: 0.5ml per sheep per day one week on/one week off.

Pasture Spraying
IntenSE Iodine can be also pasture sprayed at 1.5litre/ha or applied to brassicas/cereals at 3litres/ha.

Regular blood/liver tests should be undertaken to monitor iodine status.

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