IntenSE Organic Magnesium



intense-organic-magnesium-chlorideMagnesium is essential in two primary roles (a) development of the foetus, and (b) milk production. Start supplementing your dairy cows with IntenSE Organic Magnesium 4 weeks prior to calving and continue to 12 weeks post calving.
At last, we are able to provide the certified organic farmer with a highly effective BioGro-registered magnesium product, designed for easy oral application via inline water medication, or manual drench gun.

Dose rate
Cattle: 25-50ml/cow/day.
Sheep: 3-5ml/head/day (2 weeks prior to and 4 weeks after lambing).

Pasture Spraying
Apply 5 litre/ha IntenSE Organic Magnesium with 50-100 litres of water.
Repeat the application prior to next grazing.
Allow 14 days before grazing.

• Do not apply potassium to pasture during this application period as it could reduce magnesium’s availability.
• Avoid excessive nitrogen applications to pasture during this phase.
• Monitor magnesium levels in your livestock.

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