IntenSE Organic Selenium



intense-organic-seleniumOur country's young volcanic soils are generally so deficient in selenium that the addition of selenium to a New Zealand farmed animal, is a mandatory function.  Research shows that when selenium is added as a supplement, it reduces the prevalence of retained foetal membranes and it reduces the severity of clinical mastitis.
At last, we are able to provide the certified organic farmer with a highly effective BioGro-registered selenium product, designed for easy oral application via inline water medication, or manual drench gun.

Directions for Use
Ready to use liquid, dilution not usually required. For daily dosing give orally either through a Dosatron Inline dispenser, or manual drench. When three-weekly dosing, only administer via a drench gun.

Dose rate - IntenSE Organic Selenium 5
Daily - dosing of cattle 0.2ml per 100kg body weight
Example: 400kg animal; 0.8ml
450kg animal; 0.9ml
500kg animal; 1.0ml

Three weekly - dosing of cattle and sheep - 0.2ml per 10kg
body weight every three weeks.
Example: 400kg animal; 8ml
450kg animal; 9ml
500kg animal; 10ml
60kg ewe; 1.2ml

• Do not administer more than 7 X 3-weekly doses per year.
• Only use where a selenium deficiency has been diagnosed. Don’t use it without information.
• Do not use at the same time as any other selenised fertilizer, prill or product is in the system, without consulting a veterinarian.
• Do not exceed stated dose and frequency

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