IntenSE Organic Trifecta



intense-organic-trifectaAt last, we're able to provide the registered organic farmer with a highly effective BioGro-registered Trifecta: selenium/cobalt and copper combo product, suitable for oral drench or inline water medication. If your cattle are deficient in selenium, copper and cobalt, use IntenSE Organic Trifecta.

Dosing Strategy
Dose rate: 0.8ml/100kg liveweight/day

We strongly suggest your cattle are treated with 4ml/cow/day with IntenSE Organic Trifecta for 300 days. Begin at drying-off and continue dosing until 90 days after the end of mating.

To achieve reserve status it is imperative to start dosing the cow at drying-off. Studies show that for a dairy cow to build up liver reserves best results are achieved by adopting a ‘little and often’ approach.

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