IntenSE Organic Zinc



intense-organic-zincIt's easy to see the signs of zinc deficiency. Look for these:  (1) loss of appetite (2) excessive salivation (3) hair depletion (4) stiff joints. If any of these symptoms apply in your livestock, start dosing IntenSE Organic Zinc.
At last, we are able to provide the certified organic farmer with a highly effective BioGro-registered zinc product, designed for easy oral application via inline water medication, or manual drench gun.

Directions for use
For best results dose daily either through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser or manual drench gun.

Dose rates
Cattle: 3-4ml/cow/day (based on a 500 kg animal).
Deer: 1-1.5ml/deer/day
Sheep: 0.5ml/sheep/day

Best practices
Do not mix IntenSE Organic Zinc with other zinc supplements, as overdosing may cause toxicity. It is recommended that regular blood/liver tests are undertaken to monitor the trace element status in your animals.

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