Eradication tips


Tips for successful eradication

Single feed, lethal dose

  • Do not handle bait with bare hands as rodents are suspicious of human scent and may avoid baits that have been touched.
  • Ensure rodents do not have access to alternative foods such as stock feed, garbage or human food scraps.
  • Maintain fresh baits by checking and replacing them every two to three days initially and later, every week or two.
  • Be particularly vigilant during autumn when the first cold and wet weather arrives as this usually drives rodents indoors to find shelter.
  • To protect non-target animals from secondary poisoning, collect any dead rodent bodies and burn or bury them. Spoiled or unwanted bait should be disposed of in a similar manner.
  • Where infestation is heavy and localized used up to 5 bait stations per 100 square metres (10m x10m) and in areas where infestation is light and extensive use 1 Pestoff Dead Rat CafĂ© per 100 square metres.

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Pestoff Possum Bait - Tips for Successful Eradication

  • Always use a Pestoff weatherproof bait station when baiting for possums
  • Place bait station up a tree or on a post 100 metres apart on bush margins or 2 per hectare in forest
  • Place bait stations out of reach of pets, stock and feral pigs
  • Initially fill each bait stations with 700 grams of Pestoff Possum Bait
  • For the first week ensure at least 500 grams of Pestoff Possum Bait remains in the station at all times
  • After the first week, remove the bait station for 3-4 weeks to conserve bait
  • Repeat this whole process 2-3 times per year
  • Manage residue risks and retrieve uneaten bait
  • Best used for low to medium possum densities

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