Possum Control


Pestoff Possum Bait Station

A tough UV resistant bait station for multiple dispensing

Manufactured by Philproof Feeders. Holds 700 grams of bait - enough for 7 possums when using anti-coagulant baits. The use of a nail with a plastic spacer makes the bait station easily re-locatable. Stackable and UV resistant. Place bait stations about 100 metres apart on bush-pasture margins or use 2 per hectare in forest blocks.

Pestoff Waxed Possum Bait

A longer lasting bait for less services areas

A wax and lure coated possum pellet specifically designed for use in areas where bait station servicing is less regular or where atmospheric moisture is a problem. Possums go for this product. It remains fresher for longer because of the wax coating. Available in 10 kg plastic pails.

Pestoff Brodifacoum Possum Bait

A highly palatable anti-coagulant pellet bait for use in bait stations where low-moderate possum populations exist. 

Highly effective; only 100 grams of bait of this bait provides a lethal dose. Available in 2.5 kg and 10 kg bags.

Pestoff DECAL Possum Bait

A pellet bait containing cholecalciferol and a synergist, for use in bait stations where an initial knockdown is required or where occasional maintenance control is needed.

Only 20 grams of DECAL bait provides a lethal dose. Works effectively when pre-fed with Pestoff Brodifacoum Possum Bait, or, when alternated with DECAL between applications.  Available in a range of pack sizes up to 10 kg.

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