• Entices stock to drink medicated water
  • Masks the taste of unpleasant products
  • Can improve stock hydration levels

Caramillo is a caramel sugar flavour-enhancing and masking agent designed to combat the problem of stock limiting their water intake because of bitterness, or water that contains bloat oil, zinc or magnesium and salt or unpalatable drenches.

Caramillo is good for enhancing the value of unpleasant stock drinking water, and drenches. It can also be used to enhance the value of meal and hard feed when weaning young stock. If your stock won't drink, entice them with Caramillo.

The addition of Caramillo to water, via a Dosatron Inline Dispenser, has helped thousands of New Zealand farmers overcome problems associated with animals not drinking enough water.

Young stock respond especially well when Caramillo is added to the drench. The experience leaves a more-pleasant after-taste. Similarly, when immature ruminants convert from a milk-based diet to hard food, they very often respond to enticement at the outset of dietary change.

Animals can survive under extreme conditions but they can't survive without water. When administering unpalatable compounds like zinc, magnesium or bloat oil, always add Caramillo to mask the unpalatable flavour and ‘drive your animals to drink’.

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