IntenSE Cobalt


Cobalt is essential for the formation of Vitamin B12, a vital enzyme in the utilisation of the energy content of food and animal growth.


A lack of cobalt in the diet can result in poor growth rates, dull coats, infertility, low milk production and decreased wool production.


Dose Daily (either orally or through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser)

Cattle/Cows 0.5ml per cows per day. Dose Weekly (through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser)

Sheep 1.25lt per 1000 head per week.

Pasture Spraying – (cattle and sheep)
3 litres/ha IntenSE Cobalt. Option to concentrate spray to one third of paddock. 25 –100 litres water/ha is recommended.

Application at key times, pre-lamb, weaning, after prolonged dry or very wet periods. Keep stock off sprayed pasture for a minimum of seven days to maximise plant uptake.

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