IntenSE Magnesium


Magnesium is essential for growth, foetus development and milk production.

THE NEED FOR IntenSE Magnesium

Depletion of magnesium reserves in an animal can cause hypomagnesaemia, especially at calving/lambing. Left untreated the animal will show signs of irritability and staggers, which could result in convulsion and ultimately, death.


Dosing regime to be used in conjunction with existing magnesium supplementation programme.

Dose - Daily (either orally or through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser)

Cattle/Cows 30 - 100ml sulphate per cow per day

Cattle/Cows 15 - 100ml chloride per cow per day

Sheep (through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser) 5ml per head per day -  two weeks prior to and four weeks after lambing.

Pasture Spraying

10 litres/ha AHX Magnesium Sulphate or 5 litres of AHX Magnesium Chloride

Apply with 50 - 100 litres of water/ha depending on spray equipment. Avoid run-off.

Apply at least 24 hours (or earlier) prior to animals grazing pasture. Do not spray more than 28 days prior to grazing.

Note: If mixing calcium with magnesium for post-calved cows, always mix calcium with AHX Magnesium Chloride, do not use AHX Magnesium Sulphate or other sulphur-based magnesium products.


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