IntenSE Selenium


Selenium is an essential trace element that acts at the cellular level in certain enzyme systems. Working with Vitamin E, it assists to regulate metabolic oxidation processes in the body. Selenium status of the foetus can be improved by supplementing the mother as the element can be passed to the foetus.


A selenium deficiency can result in an ineffective reproduction system, low immune system, low milk production, white muscle disease and general ill-thrift.


Dose Daily (either orally or through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser) 1.5 – 2.0ml 1 ml per cow.

Three weekly dosing of cattle and sheep via drench gun only. 0.2ml per 10kg body weight every three weeks
e.g. 450kg cow – 9ml 500kg cow – 10ml 60kg ewe – 1.2ml

Note: Do not administer more than seven, 3 weekly doses per year. Refer to label for more directions.


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