IntenSE Trifecta


intensetriContains the three essential trace elements, Copper, Cobalt and Selenium, for:

  • Milk production
  • Reproduction
  • Appetite
  • Growth and Development

Studies show that priming the dairy cow pre-calving with the three essential key trace elements, assists the cow to build her reserves with the net effect of bringing a positive impact on calving, milk production and reproduction.

Studies show selenium, copper and cobalt are directly linked to enhancing animal performance and Intense Trifecta contains a unique blend of the three biggies!

1. Selenium

Selenium is an anti-oxidant that works in conjunction with vitamin E in building the animal’s immune system. It plays a critical role in post-calving cleanings, milk production and reproduction.

2. Copper

Copper is stored in the liver and released as required. Essential to support milk production, fertility, growth and development.

3. Cobalt

Cobalt encourages appetite to ensure good growth rates, development and well-being. Essential for the formation of Vitamin B12.

The use of high-grade raw materials in the production of Intense Trifecta ensures the product is highly soluble, stable and provides significant levels of active ingredient, therefore being ideal for use through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser or a manual drenching system.

Available in 20 litre, 200 litre or 1000 litres

Dosing Strategy (based on administration to a 500kg dairy cow)

Dose rate: 0.8ml/100kg liveweight/day

Essential programme (300 days): 4ml/cow/day

To achieve ‘reserve status’ begin at drying off, and continue dosing ‘little and often’ until 90 days after the end of mating.

Cows grazed on properties operating a Dosatron Inline Dispenser can gain a production and performance advantage as ‘a Dosatron farmer’ has the user-friendly mechanism to instigate early and consistent trace element dosing during the late stages of pregnancy.

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