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  • nutrimolclassicFarmers confirm that animal well-being is improved
  • Helps to bridge the gap between low feed and high production demands
  • Compliments an existing IntenSE trace element programme

Nutrimol Classic is possibly the most successful nutritional supplement in the history of the New Zealand dairy industry. With over 400 million doses administered to dairy cattle so far, it has gained legendary status by dairy farmers and veterinarians, for its ability to enhance cow health and production.

As stress impacts milk production, health and reproduction, reducing stress should be the highest priority in any dairy situation where stress shows up.
Many of New Zealand’s top-producing dairy farmers have found they can reduce herd stress by adding a small daily dose of Nutrimol Classic to the diet.

Nutrimol Classic has similar characteristics to a probiotic. Containing natural trace elements, amino acid chelates and mannitols, Nutrimol Classic is a proprietary formulation manufactured from the plant extract, ascophyllum nodosum. It was licensed in New Zealand as an Animal Health Remedy in 1972 with primary daily use during late pregnancy, through calving and mating and until the completion of the lactation.

Greater immunity

Independent research where the oral daily use of ascophyllum extract in dairy cows has demonstrated improved immune function through the increased production of antioxidants.

Ascorbic acid and beta-carotene, (vitamins C & E) are both antioxidants and are known to improve immune function by mediating and protecting the immune system.  They offset 'excited' oxygen molecules, commonly referred to as ‘free-radicals’, that are produced during periods of stress. If left untreated they will cause damage within the cell structure. Research indicates ruminants manufacture additional quantities of antioxidants from their own resource as a result of dosing with Nutrimol Classic.

Long-term users of Nutrimol Classic have observed outstanding overall animal health from cumulative daily ‘little & often’ application via water trough.

Increased Milk Yield

In a seven year Norwegian dairy cow study (Rud & Homb et al) where small daily quantities of the whole scophyllum nodosum plant were administered as a part of the supplementary feed diet, cows treated with the ascophyllum nodosum produced 6.8% more milk production where P<0.1.

The average increase in milk production of the three New Zealand case studies in the following review, where all of the farmers  dosed their dairy cattle year round with daily Nutrimol Classic, equates to an average 76 kg/MS per cow, or, 20% over and above the 2003 average New Zealand milk yield.


1. Long-term ‘Nutrimol Classic’ users report a significant financial advantage through enhanced milk yields, even in years of adverse climatic conditions.

2. The average return on investment from the use of ‘Nutrimol Classic’ in the three case studies averaged 13:1.

3. There are numerous accounts of farmers who have stopped the use of ‘Nutrimol Classic’ part-way throughout a lactation, only to resume within a few days as a result of a noticeable increase in animal restlessness or a decrease in milk yield.


2012 sees the release of the next generation product in the Nutrimol range.

Nutrimol 4n1 contains the same compounds contained in Nutrimol Classic but now with the addition of more iodine, folic acid, vitamin A,D & E plus a prebiotic.

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