Nutrimol 4n1

Here’s a strategy that will get your cows fired-up by PSM

(planned start of mating)! 


Empty rates (not in-calf rates) are on an alarming rise in New Zealand. But it’s not an impossible situation to resolve.  It’s quite simple really; increase heat strength and get cows to ‘hold’.

Just dose your cows daily with Nutrimol 4n1 beginning a minimum of 30 days prior to your PSM and keep it going until after you retire the bulls.


Compare your herd’s fertility performance to the 11 commercial farm case studies detailed in the Turn Up the Heat brochure. The dairy farmers have monitored, measured and made money from an $8.50/cow* investment in a Nutrimol 4n1 program.



to complete a Fertility Assessment Form and we will process it through ‘Cowculator’.


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*based on 200 litre purchase price

 Here are some extraordinary claims from Nutrimol 4n1-users

Bay of Plenty Contract Milker, 900 cows, Ngatai Hurkmans says, the use of Nutrimol has given him less short returns and less late calvers. 

Stephen & Bronwyn Dudlin, 12 year Nutrimol users achieving outstanding results, 80% 6 week in-calf and 5% empty rate with only a 10.5 week mating.
First time user Hayden McDonald, says, Nutrimol has played a significant part in in tightening up his 6 week in-calf rate and achieving single figure empty rate.

Mike & Brenda Karl from the Hauraki Plains had 700mm rain over 7 weeks and cows were under a lot of pressure.  We still managed to achieve a 76% 6 week in-calf rate with 13% empty rate.

These dairy farmers are adamant Nutrimol 4n1 has the ‘what-it-takes' to tackle the tough issue of rising empty-rates. They took our word for it when we told them about Nutrimol 4n1. Now you can have the added confidence in Nutrimol 4n1 because of their results.

If your empty rates, 6 week in-calf rates, heat-detection and days in milk are not up to these benchmarks, let's talk.

We have a strategy that works....the only risk is if you don't get onto it!


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