Specifically designed to enhance the performance of milking cows.

IntenSE240 product contains a unique blend of selenium, copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese, boron and sodium; all of which are critical to animal wellbeing, milk production and reproduction.

IntenSE240 is designed to provide the busy farmer with a comprehensive one-handy pack, when time and facilities for precise mixing of individual elements are unavailable.

The use of high-grade raw materials in the production of IntenSE240 ensures the product is highly soluble, stable and provides significant levels of active ingredient, being ideal for use through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser or a manual drenching system.

Available in 20kg bags

Dosing Strategy

(designed for a 500 kg dairy cow)

Intensive programme (240 days): 20g/cow/day or 10g/cow/day

Begin at drying off and continue dosing until 30 days after the end of mating. To achieve reserve status it is imperative to start dosing the cow at drying-off.

Studies show that for a dairy cow to build up liver reserves best results are achieved by adopting a 'little and often' approach. Therefore cows grazed on properties operating a Dosatron Inline Dispenser system are able to gain a production and performance advantage as the farmer is able to instigate an early and consistent IntenSE240 dosing regime during the late stages of pregnancy.

In-calf programme (180 days): 20g/cow/day

Start dosing once cows are back on the home farm, continue until 30 days after mating has finished. In situations where cows are grazed off-farm, it is imperative to start treatment at a higher-dose-rate when cows return to the farm. More intensive dosing will assist the cows to build up accelerated trace element status.

Other IntenSE240 formulations

IntenSE240 PKE - If you are feeding palm kernel to your cows and do not require copper ask for IntenSE240 PKE formulation.

IntenSE240 with Biotin - This product has been formulated to assist animals that are suffering from soft and weak feet.

Note: IntenSE240 contains 5mg selenium per 20g dose. Do not exceed stated recommended dose rate and frequency. Do not use in conjunction with products like selenised fertiliser, prill or selenium product, without first consulting a veterinarian or licensed nutritionist.

Dangerous Goods Declaration Dangerous Goods Declaration

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