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Precision through simplicity

All you need to harness the benefits of a Dosatron inline water dispenser is the power of water pressure to provide the momentum.

Install a Dosatron on a water pipeline, set it and leave it. It’s as simple as that. Imagine the benefits of water medication through a world-renowned, reliable and accurate dispenser that works day and night, as long as livestock drink from the troughs.

It delivers the precise amount of medication or flavour-enhancer or probiotic as the seasonal demands dictate.


Here’s how it works

On its way through, water activates the Dosatron to draw the exact required percentage of concentrate from a container stored directly beneath the unit. The Dosatron precisely mixes the required concentrate with water and then forces the combined solution downstream to a holding tank or continuous feed. Once set, the dispenser requires no further attention.

Dosatron is designed so that the required final solution will always be strictly proportional to the volume of water entering the unit no matter what variations in flow or pressure may occur in the main line. The Dostaron’s high metering accuracy eliminates risk of overdosing, thus helping to safeguard both the end use and the environment.

Animal Husbandry

cowtroughDairy, beef cattle, sheep, deer and goats: Dosatron provides livestock medication through drinking water with the appropriate dose for the entire herd.

Use a Dosatron to dispense: zinc sulphate for facial eczema treatment; magnesium chloride or magnesium sulphate for prevention of grass staggers; oils and pluronics for bloat prevention; 'Nutrimol Classic' for animal wellbeing.

Continuous treatments can be administered to overcome trace element deficiencies through constant dosing of copper, selenium or cobalt.


Pigs and Poultry: Dosatron allows precise dispensing of chlorine, antibiotics and trace elements.


Horticulture, Hydroponics, Floriculture: Liquid fertilisers, specific trace elements and bio-stimulants. Weed and pest control. Fungicides. Suitable for spray, irrigation or trickle feed systems.


Industry: Water treatment and chlorination. Alkaline or bleach into process lines. Sanitation of food preparation areas. Chemical administration in production lines.




All Dosatrons are sold with a 12-month parts and workmanship warranty that covers faulty workmanship and parts, with the exception of consumable parts (plunger seal and check value assembly). The units must be installed and operated within the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines.



Dosatron Approved Products

The Dosatron-approved logo signifies that the product has been tested and approved for use at label rates through a Dosatron Inline Dispenser. For best practices use products that display the Dosatron Approved logo.

Bell-Booth Ltd has designed a range of products specifically for use through the Dosatron system.These include trace elements under the IntenSE range (copper, selenium, cobalt, iodine, magnesium, boron, manganese and calcium). Click here for more details

The range extends to include Caramillo Masking and Flavouring Agent, Nutrimol Classic and Nutrimol Pro-biotic plus Bell-Booth’s Apple Cider Vinegar. These products are recognized by the Dosatron Approved logo and you will find them at your local merchant.


Product Range

Dosatron Inline Dispenser Model 3000
Dosatron Compact DO7RE5 & DO7RE125

Dosatron Inline Dispenser Model 8000


Dosatron Inline Dispenser Model DIA 4

Dosatron Inline Dispenser Model 20,000


Industrial Range

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For information on our Trace Elements & Minerals range click here